Vispo wipes of viscose/polyester – for special applications
High-quality and multi-purpose Our “profix®” spunlace wipes are available with typical net structure or with smooth surface in different weights. All spunlace qualities have textile character. They are soft, especially absorptive and robust, which guarantees its multiple uses. These properties can only be achieved by a complicated production process: Single staple fibres are bonded and tied to each other by hydro jetting to a random laid nonwoven. Due to the particularly fine surface structure even the smallest dust particles are absorbed. Grease and straining, such as fingerprints on glasses, are removed easily. You get a bright glow on glasses, cutlery and other surfaces without tedious polishing. For the cleaning of very dirty and encrusted pans and pots we recommend profix® venet plus. The especially robust viscose fiber wipes are made for high demands. Whatever wipe you may use from our spunlace range, all of them are absorbent and robust. They may be used in contact with food, because they are ISEGA certified. If you clean fruit, vegetables, meat or fish, there are no annoying remainders of the wipe on your food.

Vispo wipes

Profix Vispo
highest apsorption


Profix Vispo Light



Product number: 066519
Sell unit: 500 sheets
Piles: 1 ply
Product number: 066533
Sell unit: 30 sheets
Piles: 1 ply
Product number: 068285
Sell unit: 50 sheets
Piles: 1 ply
Sell unit: 150 sheets
Piles: 1 ply